Citing Sources

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How do I cite sources (or make a bibliography)?

Need to build a bibliography and you're not sure how to make a citation for your books and articles? Try the following resources for guidance or assistance:

Let the Database Make a Citation For You

When you're searching in Articles & More, Books & More, or our individual article databases you can find a citation in the format you need. In the Books and More library catalog, look for the Cite link to show the item you're looking forward formatted for APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian. In Articles & More or other EBSCOhost databases (e.g., Academic Search Complete), you'll also see a Cite choice when you view an individual article that will format citations in several styles. Most of our other databases have their own internal citation formatters as well.

Enter Your Citation Information Into a Citation Generator

A free citation generator will create citations for you in various styles. Just choose the type of citation you need and enter your citation information.

Use a Citation Guide

The Miami University Libraries Citation Resources guide has excellent information on creating a bibliography or reference page and on formatting in-text citations, or choose from the following list of individual citation style information:

GHL also owns print copies of most citation manuals (search Books & More for specific titles or contact our library staff for more assistance).

Watch a Tutorial on How to Cite Using a Style Guide

Credo Information Literacy Modules has a module on Citations and Academic Integrity that includes videos, step by step tutorials, and quizzes on citing sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.

Use a Citation Manager to Gather Citations and Create Bibliographies

There are tools available that you can use to collect citations from databases and then create bibliographies in any style that you need. You will find many options on the Citation Managers guide .