Timeline of MUM Since 1966

Lynn Darbyshire standing in the middle of the floor gym during its construction.

1966 - Johnston Hall and Gardner-Harvey Library open
Artist Series begins
KAOS student newspaper begins publication

1967 - Men’s Basketball team created
Construction begins on Dave Finkelman Auditorium

1968 - Thesken Hall opened
Department of Nursing established
Armco donates 6 acres to MUM at Breiel Boulevard entrance

1969 - Verity Lodge dedicated as Student Center
Dave Finkelman Auditorium opens in September

1971 - First Citizens Advisory Committee formed
Golf team created

1972 - Bennett Recreational Center opens
First Nursing class graduates

1973 - First Casper Lecture with US Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
Skylink sculpture dedicated – first sculpture on campus

1974 - Department of Business Technology created
Men’s and Women’s Tennis teams created
Tree of Life sculpture installed at Dave Finkelman Auditorium

1975 - Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree approved
Tennis courts constructed

1976 - 10th Anniversary – Guardians of the Path sculpture dedicated
Women’s Basketball and Men’s Baseball teams created
Leonard Nimoy appears on Artist & Lecture Series
Bookstore established on the campus (formerly offsite, privately owned)

1977 - Brakeman Scholarship established

1978 - Applied Research Center established
Nature Trail created

1980 - Women’s Volleyball team created
Big Red Bird sculpture installed at head of Nature Trail

1981 - The Commons student life area created in Johnston Hall
MUM’s Tots child care co-op established at Verity Lodge

1984 - Maya Angelou appears on Artist & Lecture Series

1986 - 20th Anniversary – The Association performs in concert at DFA

1987 - First computer network on campus

1995 - +2 bachelor degree program in Engineering Technology approved

1999 - Levey Hall opened

2000 - Fantastic Free Fridays series began

2001 - Department of Computer & Information Technology created
Illuminati student literary journal created

2002 - Segue online literary journal created

2003 - Women’s Softball created

2006 - 40th Anniversary – Campus & Community Center opens
ThunderHawks Hall of Fame inaugurated

2008 - Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree program created

2011 - Verity Traditions programs begin

2014 - College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences created at the Regionals

2015 - New degree programs begin:
BS in Commerce
BS Health Information Technology
BA/BS in Liberal Studies

2016 - Regional campuses become Miami University Regionals College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science
New degree programs begin:
BS in Applied Communication
BS in Applied Social Sciences
BA in Community Arts
BA: in Psychological Science
MS in Criminal Justice