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MUM50 - Regional Campus Pioneer Leader: Earl V. Thesken
When Miami President Phillip Shriver awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to Earl Thesken in 1973, he saluted Thesken’s work related to regional campuses: “In development of regional campuses, Miami became a pioneer; Dean Thesken was the scout, trapper and settler.”
MUM50 - Profile of John D. Millett
John D. Millett was Miami’s 16th president from 1953 to 1964, a time of unprecedented growth for Miami as enrollments doubled, residence halls and academic facilities were added, and Miami reached out into the area to provide instruction in local communities.
MUM50 - Miami's Academic Centers
In Miami University, 1809-2009: Bicentennial Perspectives the authors noted that the history of Miami University offering extension courses dates as far back as 1914 with courses being offered by the Teachers College (the forerunner of the College of Education, Health and Society).
MUM50 - GIs Go Marching Off to College
After World War II, enrollment in colleges and universities skyrocketed as returning veterans took advantage of the GI Bill of Rights’ educational benefits.
MUM50 - 50th Anniversary of Miami University Middletown Groundbreaking
It was cold that day – Wednesday, January 28, 1965 – but that did not deter citizens of Middletown, representatives from Miami University, the Middletown High School marching band, and Ohio Governor James Rhodes from the task at hand – breaking ground for the Miami University Middletown.